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Decluttering. Downsizing. Organising and Storage Solutions


“Jo Sovin really does deliver--whether it’s devising a new filing system from scratch, organising important written material, or tackling a difficult office or personal situation. Having worked with Jo over many years on a variety of projects where I needed intelligent help, she is completely reliable and rapidly understands new issues and comes up with great results.” 

Andrew Leigh, Director, author and manager of
London SW19

"I feel very fortunate to have worked with Jo.  She helped declutter and re-organise my kitchen, which is a small space so the changes were most welcome.  I found I could then apply her principles when tackling other rooms in my house.  Jo has the art of combining professionalism with kindness and warmth.  It’s clear that her desire is to bring about the best outcome for the client and that she really cares.  I have already recommended her numerous times and will continue to do so."

Caryn Bentley

"I was so grateful for Jo’s input into our home dilemma.  We have plenty of room, but now our children are in their ‘exploratory’ years post-Uni, they are coming and going, whilst my husband and I both need our own spaces for working/creative making.  Jo helped talk through all the options, looking forward to the near future and thinking about the longer term requirements, balancing up everyone’s needs.

We have accumulated way too much stuff and I was finding it hard to start the process and rationally work out what to let go.  This is where Jo’s calm and sympathetic approach is hugely comforting, as she does not give ultimatums, but carefully frames options, which made it so much easier to take the plunge.  Re-arranging our rooms and work spaces, swapping some functions around totally, and removing only one bed and one cupboard has made the house ideal for our work practice and children intermittently working from home, whilst retaining enough separate rooms for all of us plus visitors.  I can confidently recommend Jo’s expertise."

Katharine Edwards
London N5


"I highly recommend Jo Sovin as a wonderful support during the challenging upheaval of moving house.  Jo has a special set of skills in that she is highly organised, whilst being patient and sympathetic to those who are not.  She managed my move from the initial daunting stages of clearing, sorting and packing through to the final stages of leaving my flat.  Jo is thorough and clear with her planning and she always seems to think of everything, whilst her calm and measured approach took the stress out of moving.

Jo adjusts her style to each individual client giving a bespoke experience.  She is aware of the sentimental value our objects have and she is highly respectful, confidential and trustworthy regarding individual belongings.

I had lived in my flat for twenty years and had accumulated too much stuff.  Jo’s support with all things practical and managerial was absolutely priceless, and I recommend her services to anyone struggling with the daunting prospect of packing up and relocating.  Jo’s quiet can-do attitude took the sting, stress and confusion out of my move.  I wish her every success with future clients.  Those moving house are lucky to know Jo!"

Tania Kaczynski, author and art therapist
London NW3

“Thank you helping me to de-clutter and reorganise my office.  I found it a very useful process to put some time aside to work with you on getting my filing systems in order.  In addition, you helped me re-evaluate how best to use my office space, what to keep, where to put it and what to let go of.  You had a non-judgemental approach and with the promise of confidentiality, I felt at ease letting you get stuck in to all my private as well as professional paper work. I would have no hesitation recommending you to business owners and individuals, as I trust you to deliver a discreet, reliable and effective service.”

Juliette Brown, Founder and director of
London NW10

“I employed Jo to help me with a task I had been dreading, which was to clear out my cellar.  Jo was amazingly helpful with this.  She not only talked a lot of sense about how to approach the work, but willingly and cheerfully helped me to sort the items into categories – to be kept, recycled, offered to charity shops, or taken to the dump.  Jo is friendly, practical, no-nonsense and makes a positive difference.  She charges reasonable fees for her services and is totally reliable.  I would recommend her highly for assistance with organising and decluttering tasks, the kind of daunting jobs that one tends to put off doing, but feels so good about once done.

Jane Howard
London N2

“Jo has worked for me producing data and collating my business finances, offering solutions to organise my paperwork.  Jo is very proficient in her work and works with discretion, is organised and trustworthy and I am happy to recommend her.”

Maggi Loughran, Maggi Loughran Bespoke Interiors
Leavesden, Herts